Wednesday, 7 January 2009

MOS Burger

Another day, another while spent wandering in search of a dinner location. Key lesson was probably that while Seven Elevens, Family Marts and other konbinis (コンビニ, i.e. convenience store) make for useful markers on a map once you're close, there are far too many of them to use before that. Although the post code was consistently signed, they were somewhat useful. Anyway, after a relatively short time we successfully found the Shimbashi branch of Mos Burger (モスバーガー) for some Japanese style fast food.

Two sets, one with salad/drink, one with fries/drink

Not every branch has rice burgers, apparently, but we checked the website to make sure before going. We ordered one burger plus onion rings & fries and drink set (¥630), and one burger with salad and drink set (¥630). The burgers and accompanying fries and salad (with Japanese style dressing) were not particularly large to Western standards, but while the sadly non-crunchy fries were not especially to my taste, the burger itself was excellent.

A slightly closer view of the burger

The kanpira (きんぴら) burgers we tried consist of lightly stir-fried vegetables and seaweed for filling with the key point being the delicious tightly packed rice patties, just slightly crunchy on the outside, which could make a good snack on their own (like grilled onigiri) and are more filling than the small size suggested.

Note also the bright green melon soda in the first pic, which was rather tasty by unnaturally coloured drink standards and we may come across again elsewhere!

Mos Burger モスバーガー新橋二丁目店
Phone 03-3507-0065

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