Thursday, 8 January 2009

It's Vegetable!

The front of It's Vegetable

Quite possibly the best named restaurant that we visited, It's Vegetable (イッツベジタブル) is a simple short walk from Kinshicho station (go out the north exit and follow along the train line to the right). It's not the most central location, but it was quite near the Edo Tokyo Museum (Ryogoku Station), which we highly recommend.

It's Vegetable serves Taiwanese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine (台湾素食), which means not only no meat or fish but also no dairy and no garlic or onions. Buffet restaurants are quite common in Japan, going under the inititally puzzling name of Viking (バイキング, 'baikingu') style. It's Vegetable was unusual in not being all-you-can-eat but instead offering fixed size plastic trays of different sizes. Still a generous meal, particularly for lunch, though.

An example of the selection on offer

The friendly man at the restaurant spoke good amount of English and explained to us that we could choose the size of tray (we got the medium size that costed ¥850 each) and fill them up once. He also gave us brief descriptions of the food available at the buffet. There were various different kinds of vegetables, tofu and fake meats in sauce, as well as balls of konyakku (the jelly looking things in the middle right in the pic), fried vegetables and a couple of different choices of rice including more healthy brown rice. There was also tea and vegetable soup included (without having to fit them in the tray!). The food was pretty good for buffets, and we got to try out different things but the down side was you couldn't go back to get more (unless you come back for lunch again)! The price seems quite reasonable for what we got.

my food

The man also told us the owner was from Taiwan, but she was busy talking on the phone as we were leaving, so we didn't get to speak to her and thank her for the nice cooking. We also saw some health food products being sold at the cash register. We'd happy to go back to It's Vegetable next time we're in Tokyo.

It's Vegetable!
4-1-9 Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Phone & Fax 03-3625-1245

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