Monday, 29 March 2010

Hemma Hos Greken, Lund

We made a short trip to Sweden and Denmark at the end of March, so we are going to write about a few of the places that we went to.

Hemma Hos Greken

We were after something to eat after walking around Lund and looking at the cathedral and bits of the famous university. We settled on Hemma Hos Greken, a basement Greek restaurant with a name that translates as 'Home of the Greeks'.

Fitting with the surroundings, this definitely has the appearance of a student hangout - basic but not unwelcoming despite the slightly stern staff. It is not your normal Greek restaurant, but more homely traditional Greek dishes were ladled up from a counter, with most being vegetarian.

I got some of their famous lentil soup with garlic:

Lentil soup

The presentation and roll were nothing special, but the soup was tasty, warm and filling, perfect for a cold day.

ihascupcake got the hearty vegetable stew:

Lentil soup

The stew didn't seem particularly 'Greek', or at least our normal perception of Greek food. However, it was quite filling and lovely, felt like a nice home cooked meal.

This for the remarkably cheap price of 45 krona each, or £4, and we were even offered free refills.

The restaurant is only opened on Monday through Friday, from 11am to 4pm. Not a bad place for a quick cheap lunch when in Lund, especially in the winter!

Hemma Hos Greken
Sandgatan 10
Lund, Sweden
Tel: 046 -32 44 33